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Injector AN-10 AN-20


Injector is a device for intramuscular injecting brine curing the meat on the bone. AN injector are designed to injection of meat on the bone and without. Due to small size machine AN injectors are designed for small and middle companies.


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  • Stainless and acid-proof steel construction.
  •  Precise injection of meat with and without bones.
  •  Low costs of buying and exploitation.
  •  Brine saving (injection only from the needles having contact with meat).
  •  Pressure fluent regulation in a range of 0,5-3,5 bar.
  •  Brine circulation system with double filtration.
  •  Conveyor belt steps regulation.
  • Wheels provide easy shift of the machine and container.
  • Machine easy to use and clean.
  •  In standard model machine is equipped with 4 mm needles.
  •  Option to change needles with 3 mm diameter(exchanging whole needles block).

Number of needles pcs 10 20
Needles in raw  pcs  1 1
Effectiveness  kg About 700  About 1000
Injection percentage  % 10-45 10-45
Conveyor belt width  mm 290  290
Brine pressure  bar  0,5-3,5 0,5-3,5
Dimensions (L x B x H )  mm 1200 x 550 x 1900  1200 x 550 x 1900
Power  kW 4,0 4,0
Voltage  V/Hz  3x400/50  3x400/50
Weight  kg 220  240
Brine container  l 100 100


  • Set of needles 3 mm
  • Fluent regulation of needle speed movement


Our awards

ISO 9001:2000 z 11.07.2014

Lider Gdańskiej Przedsiębiorczości

Pomorski Pracodawca Roku 2012

Gazele Biznesu z 2008

Sales office

kontakt-adres Inwestpol-Consulting Sp. z o.o.
ul. Asesora 72
80-119 Gdańsk
kontakt-tel tel.
+48 58 303 18 80
 kontakt-mail inwestpol@inwestpol.com

About company

Company Inwestpol-Consulting Poland, the company operates in the sector of the food industry, with particular emphasis on meat processing.

We know the customer's requirements and needs of the industry, based on 25 years experience of the Company founder and team workers.

Most of our equipment is exported, and the brand  is represented in more than 20 countries where we sell our machines through distributors and partners.

We are trusted by customers, among others from: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic, Japan, China and the European Union States.

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