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Company Inwestpol provides maintenance services for their machines:

WARRANTY (12 months) according to the conditions specified in the Technical Documentation attached to each machine. For devices sold without any dealers in Poland, arrival a service technician and execution services - free of charge.

Post-warranty - conditions and costs will be set individual for each customer.

For the customers from outside the Poland, warranty and post warranty service must provide authorized representatives with which are signed dealer agreements obliging them to do services for clients for which have sold our machines for free.

The Company Inwestpol -Poland have one very important rule, that not to sell the machine if the device can not be provided with proper service. In many countries, we have authorized dealers, who are required by us to provide maintenance services best replica audemars piguet (including warranty) in their area.

We realize that our machine shows about us, so the availability of maintenance services is very important for us as much as the high quality of the devices.

On subpage "DEALERS", placed the names of authorized retailers. Updating this list takes place once a year.