Company Inwestpol-Consulting Sp z o.o. was registered on 8 December 1992 as a trade company which sell machinery, equipment and accessories for the meat industry.

With this range of work it was necessary to organize our own service assembly and service for sold machinery and equipment mainly in exports.

Therefore, in 2004 we established a production facility, which in 2009 was transformed into an independent company Inwestpol-Consulting Poland Sp .zo.o. . Company Headquarters is located in Kolbudy 16 km from Gdansk.

Since 2004, we have produced more than 50 types of machines, each year we produce some new technical solution. The company owns a patent on Destapling Machine type DK, and several patent applications.

Our machines are presented at many Fair events like:

     IFFA Frankfurt / Main, Germany (every three years –own stand since 2004.)
     Agroprodmasz- Moscow Russia (since 1996 – every year)
     Indagra - Romania
     Almata- Kazakhstan
     Sial -Paris
     Istambul -Turkey,
     Anuga -Germany
     and traditionally POLAGRA in Poznan.

In addition to the typical products which are  contained in our catalog, our company is able to do the design and manufacture of unique, unusual technical solutions in different areas of the food industry.